We are successfully managing
our clients' money
for more than 20 years

We invest our own and entrusted funds in real estate projects.

Invest with us into quality real estate projects

Do you like tangible investments? Take advantage of the opportunity to invest with us in quality residential and industrial projects.

Residential project Vajnorská 21 successfully completed
and awarded

Our project Vajnorská 21 was ranked
among the TOP 50 buildings in Slovakia 2020/2021

Sympatia Group

Who We Are

Sympatia is an investment group consisting of a team of experts experienced in the area of real estate development & project financing, financial markets investments, economic and legal advisory.

What We Do

We are investing both our own and our client's funds in residential, commercial, and logistics real estate projects..

How We Do It

We actively search, thoroughly analyze and successfully implement high-quality real estate projects that guarantee the best return-to-risk ratio. Our investment activities are subject to supervision by the National Bank of Slovakia and foreign regulatory authorities.

How Can The Client Participate In Our Investment Activities

Our clients can choose from the following investment options:

  • Bonds of specific projects

  • Portfolio made of several project bonds

  • Professional investor fund Polaris Alpha that offers an attractive portfolio of real estate and private equity investments

What Can Investors Expect From Investing With Sympatia

Long-term stable and sustainable returns on investment in a range of 5-7% p.a. generated by visible and tangible projects in the real economy.

About Sympatia Group

We are experts in financial markets & private equity investments, project management, economic and legal advice.

20 years in the market
27 active projects
600 000+ m2 of commercial development
€ 580+ mln. value of our projects upon completion


Our goal is to provide you with above-standard and consistent valuations that offer an exceptional benefit-risk balance.

Real estate projects

Our portfolio of funded projects currently features 27 projects in various stages of implementation. The total market value of the projects in the portfolio upon completion exceeds EUR 580 million.

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