How to become an investor in the Polaris Alpha fund

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Objective of the Fund

The aim of the fund is to achieve a stable, regular and long-term sustainable net appreciation of at least 6% per year by investing in real estate projects in Central and Eastern Europe. Targeted return is the net return for the client, ie after deducting all costs and fees of the fund.

Investment Strategy

The fund’s investment strategy is focused primarily on real estate projects in the field of industrial and residential real estate in Central and Eastern Europe.

Fund Operation

The fund invests investors’ funds in individual projects and the risk of investing in the fund is thus distributed among several projects. The performance of the fund and thus the investor’s investment does not depend on the success of only one project, but all projects as a whole. As a result, the funds in the fund are invested safer and more stable.

The fund invests in projects mainly in the form of fixed income bonds. The fund’s income is thus interest income from bonds and is paid either continuously or on a one-off basis from income from projects in the form of collected rents, sales of apartments or entire buildings or project exits. To provide the necessary liquidity, the fund holds part of its assets in the form of short-term securities or cash in bank accounts.

Investments in Specific Projects

An investment in a Polaris Alpha fund is an investment in all of its projects. If the investor is interested in investing only in a selected project, he has a choice of project bonds of specific projects.

Fund Organization

The investment manager of the fund is the company Sympatia Financie, o.c.p., a.s., which has been operating on the market for 19 years and is a licensed entity under the supervision of the National Bank of Slovakia. Each potential investment is preceded by a detailed analysis, project valuation and a comprehensive due diligence process. Each investment must be in line with the fund’s investment strategy and follow the procedure described on this url.

Fund Valuation and Regulation

The fund is valued quarterly by the licensed administrator of the Bank of Valletta, Malta. The net asset value of the fund is calculated by revaluing the fund’s investments and financial assets based on the current market value.

The fund is audited annually by Deloitte Malta and is supervised by the Maltese Finance Authority.

Project Security

Investments in the fund are secured by physical project assets or shares in project companies. At the same time, we have managerial control in the form of statutory co-decision and co-control over bank accounts in the project company, thanks to which we have an overview and control over the project from its beginning to the end.

Entry to the Fund

Investors are natural and legal persons who meet the criteria of qualified investors. The minimum investment in the Polaris Alpha fund is EUR 75,000. The fund is denominated in EUR and valued on a quarterly basis, i. to 31.03., 30.06., 30.09. and to 31.12, i. calendar quarter. Investment in the fund is only possible at the end of the calendar quarter. From the administrative and financial point of view, it is necessary to implement the investment, especially 5 working days before the end of the calendar quarter.

Administrative Requirements for Entry to the Fund

Before making an investment in the fund, the investor documents:

  • personal information,
  • proof of tax residence (eg energy bill, from a mobile operator, bank statement),
  • confirmation of the origin of property and funds in accordance with the Act on Protection against Money Laundering,
  • bank statement proving financial investment,
  • a statement that the investor meets the criteria of a qualified investor,
  • a statement as to whether or not the investor is a politically exposed person.

The Ideal Investment Horizon of the Investment

The minimum length of investment in the fund is 6 months. Funded projects usually have a life cycle of 3 to 7 years. The recommended investment horizon of investment is therefore more than 3 years.

Exit from the Fund

Exit from the fund is possible at the end of the calendar quarter. The notice period from the fund is the entire calendar quarter and the investor must request payment of the investment no later than 5 working days before the end of the calendar quarter.

Payment of funds to the investor is made within 15 days of expiry of the notice period.



Entry Fee – 0%
Exit Fee – 0%
Management Fee – depending on the amount of investment, usually 1% p.a.
Performance Fee – depending on the amount of investment, usually 20% of profits

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