Investment Certificates

Our investment certificates with a capital guarantee are an ideal choice for investors looking for the potential of superior investment growth on the one hand and a certain level of guaranteed capital on the other. We offer our clients investment certificates linked to stock markets as well as to real estate investments.

Minimum investmentstarting from 1 000 EUR

Capital guaranteeyes

Maturityfrom 3 to 5 years


SYMPATIA Garant 80

Investment certificate with a guarantee of 80% of the highest achieved value


Sympatia Garant 80 investment certificate is suitable for investors who are interested in participating in stock market’s growth in medium term but are worried about potential losses caused by stock market declines.

The main underlying asset of the investment certificate is the iShares EURO STOXX Select Dividend 30 UCITS ETF, which tracks the performance of 30 major European companies shares. The weight of the underlying asset is actively managed and adjusted to reflect current stock market developments. Weight of the equity component increases in favorable times of strong growth and decreases in adverse ones.

Thanks to this approach, the investor receives a guarantee of 80% of the highest achieved value of the investment, which means it’s protected against major market declines of more than 20%.

Sympatia Garant 80 investment certificate thus enables even more cautious investors to participate in the stock market growth.


Sympatia Real Estate

Investment certificate with participation in the real estate market


Sympatia Real Estate investment certificate represents an excellent investment opportunity for investors who want to diversify their portfolio with real estate market investments, but do not meet the minimum investment amount required for professional investors instruments.

The main underlying asset of the investment certificate is a fund managed by the investment company Polaris Finance SICAV p.l.c., which focuses primarily on investments in real estate projects in the residential, automotive and logistics sectors.

Underlying fund invests exclusively in real estate projects with above-average potential returns and sufficient collateral, and because of this it offers investors an exceptional risk-return ratio. In addition to the Underlying fund, the investment certificate may also invest in bonds with exposure to the real estate market or cash held in bank accounts.

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