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Managed Portfolios

Managed portfolios are the core product of a securities broker. We provide management of tailor-made portfolios composed of several types of assets according to the risk profile of an individual client.

Minimum investmentfrom 33 000 EUR


Access to100+ markets

Investment managerfor premium clients

As part of the portfolio management service, we provide an individual approach for each client and, based on their specific requirements for risk exposure and revenue expectations, we create a tailor-made portfolio. Thanks to the service of a personal investment manager, our clients have the opportunity to fulfill all their requirements aided by their personal investment manager, whose goal is primarily client satisfaction.

We provide our clients with access to more than 100 stock markets and OTC market for trading government and corporate bonds. We currently trade with several counterparties from Europe, Asia and USA, thanks to which we are able to achieve the best possible execution of trades with fixed income instruments.

As part of a managed portfolio, we manage clients’ funds in equities, bonds and hedging instruments other than derivatives. Our main goal is long-term cooperation with clients and their satisfaction with absolute returns depending on their risk profile.

We provide clients with an immediate overview of their investments on the online client portal, where they have access to information about the development of their portfolios on a daily basis.

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