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Bratislava, Slovakia

Family Houses Koliba

Exclusive family houses with an exceptional view of the Bratislava skyline.






As part of our activities in the lucrative area Pod Vinohradmi, we have started the construction of luxury family houses with front gardens that will complement and close the newly created street consisting of independent residences.

The project is designed so each house offers a modern open layout, the highest standard of living, and a unique view of the Bratislava skyline. Each house has a garden.

The project is located in Vtáčnik under the Koliba that offers an exceptional combination of nature and the environment of the Little Carpathians with easy access to the centre. It is one of the most beautiful and most desirable locations in the capital.

In addition, Koliba provides versatile opportunities for sports – there are many bike paths, hiking trails, and a cable car. The location offers complete civic amenities, excellent access to both the city centre and the highway.


  • Lucrative location consisting of independent residences with an enclosed area
  • Each house has a panoramic view of Bratislava and a garden
  • Excellent access to the city centre

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