PROJECTSResidential projects

Polyfunctional building, Bratislava

Reconstruction of administrative buildings into a modern multifunctional complex in an attractive location of Bratislava.

Land area9 000 m2

Usable area14 000 m2

Time horizon2020 - 2023

Project phasePreparatory

At the attractive location of Pekná Cesta in Bratislava – Rača we plan to utilize our experience with the reconstruction of former office space. We are currently completing the acquisition of a property consisting of two buildings that were originally used as administrative buildings with a land area of more than 9 000 m2. One of the buildings is currently unused and the other is used for lower-grade office space rent.

Our intention is to reconstruct one apartment building for housing. The building has eight floors, excellent communication space (corridors, stairs) and is suitable for creating small one- and two-room flats.

The aim is a complete reconstruction and reclassification of these premises into lower-standard apartments / accommodation units. The existing regulation of the area allows such use.

The second building is currently being rented and generates cash flow that will cover the project operating costs. Once the authorization process is completed, it  will be partially removed and a new building with underground garages, administrative, commercial and residential premises will be built.

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