Asset Management

We have successfully managed assets for both private and institutional investors for more than 19 years.

Managing from2002

Access to100+ markets

Number of Clients100+

Investment protectionup to 50 000 EUR

Only a net return above inflation rate can truly protect your funds from inflation depreciation.

Our portfolios consist of liquid securities, which allows us to quickly adapt to the changing market situation as well as to our clients’ individual requirements. Our clients are the sole owners of all the funds, financial assets and securities entrusted to us or acquired as a part of asset management services.

In addition to the separation of the clients’ financial assets from the assets of our securities dealer, the funds entrusted to us are also protected by the Investment Guarantee Fund for up to 50 000 EUR.

The essential principles we abide by when managing your investments
  • We value and respect the uniqueness of each client, as well as her/his personal requirements for portfolio composition and risk exposure
  • We pride ourselves on a personal and individual approach to each investor
  • We manage the funds entrusted to us with the utmost diligence and professionalism
  • Our goal is to achieve consistent returns exceeding inflation rates
  • We always strive to ensure the complete satisfaction of our clients

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