Legal Services

Our legal services range from business and corporate law, banking and finance law to bankruptcy, restructuring, due diligence and litigation.

Our law firm Sympatia Legal provides a wide range of legal services to foreign and Slovak companies, including representation before courts and other authorities, contract drafting and legal filings, as well as the preparation of legal analyzes and opinions in Slovak, German, English and French.

All legal services are provided by a team of lawyers with excellent qualifications, personal qualities and international experience and in cooperation with renowned experts in banking, accounting, auditing, execution and jurisdiction.

Legal Services Provided by Sympatia Legal

Business and Corporate Law (including M&A)

The business start-up agenda involves analyzing the business environment and identifying potential risks and opportunities. We do everything in our power to set up new businesses quickly and smoothly. In addition to setting up new companies and entering changes in the Commercial Register, we help our clients in their day-to-day activities, prepare the course of general meetings and deal with internal document modifications.

We assisted our local and foreign clients in several merger & acquisitions as well as company splits.

Banking and financial law, securities law

The main activities in the area of ​​banking and finance law include credit transaction services, legal assistance for the obtention of the necessary licenses and permits, as well as financial restructuring and reorganization.

We offer our clients legal advice on credit agreements, assignment agreements, assumption of obligations and security institutes. We provide comprehensive recovery of receivables and other claims from credit and similar contracts and comprehensive security transfers of securities.


We focus on advising clients on antitrust approvals of domestic and foreign transactions and competion restriction contracts.

Bankruptcy and Restructuring

We have experience drafting bankruptcy filings and restructuring permits, representing clients in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings and all related proceedings (incidental and excidatory proceedings). In cooperation with colleagues from Sympatia Advisors we prepare restructuring assessments and restructuring plans. counter-judgments as well as financial analyses of restructuring plans.

Real Estate Law

In the field of real estate law, we are capable of providing expert advice on acquisitions, financing, construction, rental and sale of real estate, as well as negotiating contractual terms during the various phases of development projects.

Due Diligence

We carry out legal evaluation and analysis of the legal status of selected companies. This activity includes a legal evaluation of the company documentation in order to identify and eliminate the risks related to the previous activity of the company.

The conclusions of legal audits are usually of significant importance for the company and its business in accordance with applicable laws and relevant to prepare for a potential merger or acquisition.

Civil Law

In the area of ​​civil law, we assist our clients in drafting and assessing contracts, settling joint ownership, filing lawsuits and other filing procedures in court and any other proceedings including state proceedings.

Litigation Agenda

We provide legal services for commercial, labor and civil litigation, as well as legal assistance on enforcement, including the recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions and arbitration awards. In relation to the services mentioned above, we represent clients in court and arbitration proceedings. Moreover, we advise our clients on how to prevent litigation and represent them to negotiate the most advantageous conditions in the case of extrajudicial solutions.

Administrative law

Our clients’ business activities require the issuance of a wide range of approvals, licenses, permits and other documents issued by public authorities at various levels of government and the public administration. We also provide comprehensive legal advice for the representation of clients in cadastral proceedings, construction proceedings,  offense proceedings or for reviewing the legitimacy of decisions of administrative bodies by courts.

Labor law

We provide comprehensive legal services in the area of ​​labor law, focusing primarily on employment contracts, termination issues, liability for damages in labor relations, collective bargaining and employment councils, pre-employment relationships, discrimination, protection of employees’ personal data, security and occupational health and benefits.

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