Project Management

Our team of experienced professionals takes charge of all areas of our investments and projects cycle - from financing to implementation.

Value of projects243+ mil. EUR

Number of projects20+

ActivitiesCentral Europe

In addition to securing the financing of their individual investment plans, we also provide our clients with professional advice in the field of project management and implementation. We approach clients as partners in all phases of project activities.

Project financing is provided in the form of direct capital participation or in the form of loans and bond issues. We can also provide all support activities in implementation phase – from legal services to economic and financial advisors services. In addition to actively assisting with the management of the projects we finance, our team of project management specialists also works on our own projects and investment plans in the area of commercial, residential and industrial development.

Activities in project implementation, which we cover

  • Financing (through direct equity participation, loans, credit or bond issues)
  • Professional project management advice
  • Solving strategic financial, tax, legal and business issues
  • Project management – from day-to-day management to professional supervision
  • Project exits – from marketing to final sale

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