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Pezinok, Slovakia


Investment in the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients and pure specialty chemicals.






At the beginning of 2019, we invested in the companies of the Mikrochem Group that produce:

  • pure and special chemicals
  • active pharmaceutical ingredients, so-called “APIs” used in pharmaceuticals
  • liquid non-sterile medicines for internal and external treatment
  • other drugs, pharmaceutical raw materials, industrial and technical chemicals, special molecular distillations, and syntheses according to customer requirements

The founder and executive director of Mikrochem is RNDr. Juraj Čech, who founded the company in 1990, after working several years in the Chemical Plants of Juraj Dimitrov (today’s Istrochem Group). The company has its own production and storage facilities in Pezinok. Its customers include leading pharmaceutical companies in the European and global markets.

Mikrochem Group also includes Mikrochem Trade and Mikrochem Energy. The subsidiary Mikrochem Trade focuses primarily on the sale of chemical products for laboratory activities and industrial production, raw materials and products in food quality, laboratory aids of specialized laboratory measuring equipment. Mikrochem Energy operates a cogeneration source intended for the production of electricity and heat for its own production process.

Mikrochem is constantly improving its research and development capacity and, as a result, is gradually transforming into a company dedicated primarily to the development and production of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

The “API” market is characterized by significant barriers to entry, but its advantage is that if successfully entered while maintaining sufficient quality, it provides stable customer and income.

The company has several key products in its portfolio on which it plans to build its further development. Besides the production of standardized active pharmaceutical ingredients, we see potential in the development and production of tailor-made solutions for the needs of leading players in the pharmaceutical industry.

The medium-term goal over a five-year horizon is to significantly expand the portfolio of APIs produced and to multiply sales of products, especially Methylene Blue and subsequently D-mannose.

We see considerable potential in the production of pure and specialty chemicals, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and medicines. We are convinced that Mikrochem has all the prerequisites to benefit from the growing demand for quality pharmaceutical raw materials.

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