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Bratislava, Slovakia

Pod Vinohradmi

Bright apartments in the exclusive part of Koliba with breath-taking views of the city skyline.


PROJECT PHASEPermitting Process




In 2019, we started the preparation of an investment plan to construct an apartment building with an additional service function in the Koliba – Vinohrady locality in Bratislava. The project began with the announcement of an architectural competition, in which we have selected a winning design from 3 major Bratislava architectural studios. Design work is underway for the permitting procedure and the fine-tuning of the project concept.

The building will have 4 above-ground floors with the fourth floor is recessed and one underground floor intended for parking. The complex should appropriately complement the newly created residential zone and will offer several housing options, from small one- and two-room apartments to two lucrative 4-room apartments with spacious terraces on the top floor.

The new apartment building will build on completed projects in the vicinity including several projects of the Sympatia group. The apartments will combine pleasant and private living with excellent access to the city centre.


  • Acquisition of land at a significantly lower price than the market average
  • Excellent knowledge of the location – we have completed several successful projects, such as Roličky, Elevens, Family Houses Koliba
  • Smaller apartments with a higher selling price per square meter

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